Yesterday I learned that Mango was having a 50% off sale! Yehey! My friends and I immediately started browsing Mango online store to look for classic pieces to add to our wardrobe. Sadly, I won’t be buying anything in this sale round since I have budget constraints this month (Darn it!!!). Still, I enjoyed browsing the online catalog and mentally checking out some awesome pieces. The reason why I like Mango is that their design is classic and minimalist. I remember the first Mango dress I bought – it made me feel so sophisticated that I only wear the dress on special occasions. Mango has everything you need for a classy look – any girl would find something beautiful to wear here! My grandmother even wears Mango loose trousers (she’s waaaay cooler than me).

Anyways, here’s one of the dresses that caught my eye – Mango’s Trimmings Bodycon Dress. I like that it adds a sexy silhouette to any body shape. The black and white color is also super clean to look at. What do you think of this dress? 🙂

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