A little bit of Copenhagen Part three

Fun starts here! Read about how we spent our last tour day in Copenhagen!

For our last sight seeing, we decided to buy a Copenhagen card worth 295dkk. Now the magic of this card allows you to go to a lot of places which normally have entrance fees and get free rides in trains and buses. Isn’t this the most awesome deal?

Our first stop is Copenhagen zoo. I’m really fond of animals (especially the cat family) so this is something I was looking forward too. And it didn’t disappoint. My favorite animals were the tigers who were playing around. Some animals were asleep like the lion and wolf but I still like to see them. It’s my first time seeing a wolf, camel, polar bear and rhino. 🙂 Aside from those, there were also penguins, monkeys, flamingos, horses, goats, giraffes, elephants (not unlike the one in Manila Zoo), zebras, seals, amphibians (frogs and the likes) and reptiles (snakes among others).

Our second stop is the Botanical Gardens found in the Copenhagen University. The university actually does research on the plants so we got to see a number of green house. It was especially hot inside the green house. The best part was the garden filled with trees, grass and beautiful flowers. I could picture myself running around and singing, “the hills are alivveeee!!” There were plenty of picture perfect moments which we took advantage of! Looking at the beautiful sights I really missed home and I wished that one day I can bring my mom with me.

Our 3rd stop is the Røsenborg castle where we went in to check out the crowned jewels. We went down the basement where there is a vault and inside the vault were the jewels. It was really breathtaking to look at. Side note: I took a picture of a set of diamond necklace and earrings then showed it to my mom with the caption “I bought this for you and it cost me a fortune” hahaha! She really believed that I bought her diamonds!!! Maybe next time mom, but for now we both have to settle for pictures. 🙂 We also went to a tour inside the castle to get a glimpse of the rooms used by royalties. Unfortunately no picture taking is allowed unless you pay about 20Dkk.

In order to catch our breath, we did a canal tour. We ate chips and cinnamon roll and drank coke while our tour guide describe some scenery. I like it because their canals aren’t stinky and the air was fresh.

And our 5th stop (yes, it’s already the 5th, are you still there?) is the Blue Planet aquarium which just recently open last March. We were quite enthusiastic about it as they say it’s the biggest aquarium in Europe. Unfortunately the fishes are still very young, hence, really tiny to be appreciated at this time. We did enjoy taking pictures behind the tank filled with piranhas (scary) and looking at the (small) hammerhead and sharks swim around. The octopus was also very cute hahaha because again it is still a baby. Perhaps in 2-3 years we’ll be able to go back to see huge sea monsters.

Last and surely not the least was Tivoli. It was an amusement park located in Central station (or near central) and we passed it many times while strolling in Strøget. We were quite exhausted from all the walking and sightseeing, and haven’t had any time to eat that we went scouting for food in Tivoli. That’s when we spotted peacocks roaming the park, which I found so delightful because you normal put them in a zoo. Nobody was really minding them too, it was like “Yeah peacocks? I have a dozen in my backyard. No biggie. ” Well anyways we didn’t ride anything as we ate a lot of steal, hotdog and french fries so it’s no longer safe. We did enjoy looking at the decorations and the flowers in the park. I found a nice girly girl shop selling dainty accessories, notebooks and souvenirs. It was the kind of store you’d feel ashamed if you didn’t buy anything so I bought a glittery gold notebook which I made into a travel journal hahaha! I would love to take more time in Tivoli but tomorrow is work day and we had to go home and rest. I’ll definitely go back to this enchanted park if I get a chance to return to Copenhagen.

Well those are the end of my adventures in Copenhagen. I really love the place. The environment, the flowers, trees, the train, the buses, food, my hotel bed, even going to work there brings me such joy! I’m crossing my fingers that next year I’ll be able to stay for a longer period of time! 🙂

Here are my favorite pictures:

The flex card is on the left for normal day to day transportation. The one on the right is the Copenhagen card – a 24hr access card to numerous sights – bus and trains are also free. 🙂

Thank you for reading! 🙂

You can read more about my Copenhagen travels in Part 1 and Part 2.


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