Sketch: Carla Chua x Camille Co

It’s Camille Co? Hahaha! I hope to do her justice in this illustration. If you are fans of Camille, don’t kill me. >___<

This is ricky. Drawing a blogger that is famous for her looks and killer style, that is. Honestly my skills need work but I’m just sharing this just to have a small accomplishment this weekend. (“Good job Carla~!”) Camille wore this outfit in a particular event and what struck me is she said she was already rushing and this is the result. Hello??? Rushing??? Wish I could look that good while rushing everyday hahaha!

Tomorrow, it’s back to work – wishing everyone a happy Monday (if there is such a thing)!  🙂

Oh, I also made a collage using pixlr express, if anyone is interested:

Materials: Unipen, Promarkers

If anyone is interested in being ‘drawn’, please let me know through the comment below. It’ll save me time in browsing the net searching for a model wearing pretty clothes. 🙂


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