Copenhagen Denmark 2013 Travel – Part 1

Beautiful flowers sold in the streets. Don’t you just love the vibrant colors? 😀

We have only one weekend to see the sights Copenhagen has to offer. Thankfully it’s also a long weekend because Monday is a holiday (Ascension Day). Lucky us!! I’ll be putting each day as a post as I want to share this wonderful experience to my readers.

Being obsessive compulsive tourists we planned the things we will go and do early on. From the budget to the estimated time to complete each visit. Our company has trained us well. Hahaha!

On Saturday, we went to Strøget to shop for souvenirs. It’s a street filled with shops like H&M and Aldo. Jaja and I of course enjoyed every single store, the boys being less than thrilled to be tagging along checking out shoes. Unfortunately the items were not cheap. Denmark is one expensive country to live in and they have super high taxes (like 60% of ones salary).

During that day they were also having a carnival festival which I thought meant fire breathing performers and trapeze artists. Instead a bunch of women in colorful and suggestive garb were dancing in a parade. Now the boys enjoyed that. I was quite surprise (and more horrified) to see one of the dancers was pregnant and was on a platform atop a float. Oh my, what if she falls? If this isn’t traumatizing enough, one dancer’s body paint melted away (it was hot that day) to reveal….nothing! She was not wearing anything except her bikini bottom. Security had surrounded the girl, who kept dancing, because tourists were snapping their cameras at her like crazy.

Ok, back track to shopping. The highlight of the shopping day was the Legostore. I know there is a Legoland in Denmark but sadly it was too far and expensive for us to go to. We settled for the Legostore in Strøget. I was looking for Harry Potter or Marvel legos but sadly they have only Spiderman, Batman, Loki and Superman. Still, it brought out the kid in me and I went about creating little legos in the likes of my mom, brother and uncle.

Here are some of the pictures on Strøget:

The central plaza of Stroget…
where there is a fountain which is perfect for photo-ops!
There were artists selling their works in the streets to attract tourist who want to buy artworks in Denmark.
A pastry shop selling cupcakes caught my eye. The cupcakes had glitters on them – how cute! I couldn’t resist and bought 3 pieces for me and my travel buddies. 🙂
One of the Lego stores.
Another Lego store with a cute and HUGE display.
I wonder how they make these displays, they are awesome!
This is my favorite display of Lego. Dragon in the ceiling – Superb!
A lot of people were buying Legos. Unfortunately they didn’t have the Harry Potter or Marvel ones. 😦
You can also buy Lego per piece in different shapes and sizes.
A lot of souvenir shops here. This is where we bought stuff to remember our trip by. 🙂
A wall of magnets! It was so hard to chose one magnet as souvenir since there are so many designs!
Pizza and onion rings to energize! You can find a Chinese restaurant offering buffet for only 59DKK (without drinks) somewhere near the central plaza.
Guess who couldn’t wait for the hotel to eat the cupcake. >___<

I’ll be posting my part two and three entries soon!


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