Doodle: A Stop in Doha

My first ever trip abroad without my family is to Denmark, where I had to attend a few meetings and arrange a transition plan of some sort (I won’t bore you with details). I couldn’t be happier that my mother gave her approval for a trip I had waited a long time to finally come true. It’s not that I want to specifically go to Denmark. What I want is a chance to work outside of the Philippines and see the world (wow, cliché). Finally, the stars had lined up and gave me this opportunity to reach my dream. Anyways, I just want to give a little story about my short stop at Doha, Qatar.

Just as we landed at Doha International Airport, my first impression was Wow! Airport is sooo huge! We had to take a bus after exiting the plane. It wasn’t as hot as I was told or maybe because the bus was air conditioned so I did’t notice the temperature. I love beautiful airports and DIA is certainly one of those airports you can spend many hours exploring. Aside from being huge, it was clean and filled with shops. I made a detour to the Duty Free section to buy a small magnet (mama’s collection) to remember my stop at Doha.

We stayed at the Doha Grand Hotel where the room and food look yellowish/orangish. We were booked rooms there since we had to wait for 9 hours for our flight to Copenhagen. I am not very found of curry so I can’t say I enjoyed dinner and breakfast so much. I’m sure not all the food was curry but it seemed like it because of the color. The room is also a tad creepy but I was so tired that I fell asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow. We went back to DIA in the morning to catch our next flight.

I guess that’s just about it for my brief touch down at Doha.

I’ll be writing and posting travel sketches about my 2 week stay in Copenhagen soon. I hope you’ll stay tuned. 🙂


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