A Treat for Mom

Energizing breakfast only at Starbucks! 😀

I’ll be going on my first ever business trip next week and I feel bad that I won’t be with mom on mother’s day. I feel even worse that I am leaving her with a lot to worry about. My first ever abroad trip alone and it’s also for 2 weeks!

Mom has been organizing my luggage and buying snacks and toiletries for me. She keeps reminding me of what I should look into and other details of the trip I wouldn’t have thought of. Honestly, I don’t know if I’m going to survive without her but life and work must go on. This will be a learning experience for both of us and I know God will be watching over me and my family all the time.

So here’s my advance treat to my mom (and of course the little brother) before next week. Starbucks has a treat for mothers this May – avail of this mocha drink piled with marshmallows for 130.00 for Tall size. At first my mom didn’t want to try it (she thought it was free) but after some coaxing she finally relented. The drink is taste delicious; sweet mocha with hints of espresso, but I guess what we liked about it is the marshmallows on top! Feeling bata si mama!

My supermom with her marshamallow mocha drink!

Thank you mom for being super and incredible and everything that a mother is – you are 100x the greatest mom in the world! 🙂 Advanced happy mother’s day to all mothers! Remember to give your mother a good time on mother’s day, I’m sure they will appreciate it. 😉


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