My mom is a close friend of a baker who gives out lessons, so after much planning and hesitating, we finally gave it a shot and enrolled. Boy, it was one of best experience of my life! 🙂

Our master seriously mixing chocolate ganache.

Aggy Villabones of Aggy’s cakes and sweets has been around for more than a decade. Not only is she an excellent baker, she is also a teacher at Heny Sison’s cooking school as well as a consultant to other enterprises who are having problems in the kitchen. With her many years of experience, Aggy definitely showed us what it means to be a true pro in baking. She taught us the very basic skill of measuring, preparing and using which ingredients (and why), creaming and preserving cupcakes. Though not everything can be taught in one day, Aggy made sure to give us the arsenal to be able to bake on our own and eventually learn to expand what we have learned from her. The advantage of enrolling in a smaller class is that you get to have the teacher’s 100% attention. Aggy answered every one of our questions effectively, and even gave away some trade secrets. A true teacher is not afraid to impact knowledge to his/her students. Aggy is the real deal.

Here are some of the pictures of the goodies we made:

Who couldn’t resist a classic moist chocolate? My last post is about moist chocolate, but this recipe is from a pro. Cannot compare. >___<
Red velvet – I’m not fond of red velvet but changed my mind upon tasting this!  Can you guess which icing was made by the teacher and student? 😀
Oreo cupcakes – Oreo inside and outside the cupcakes! Yummy!

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