Something Classic

Classic Vanilla Cupcake

(Recipe taken from

I didn’t use the electric mixer because I’m too lazy to operate it. Hahaha! Baking in my house is a family affair – my brother is constantly reminding me about this and that, my mom keeps organizing stuff and bringing things to the sink – I was tempted to sit back and let THEM bake!

My brother broke one egg because he thought I was reaching out to get it. I mixed the sugar with the flour and not with the butter – oopsie. And I assumed that baking powder is baking soda. See, this is what happens when two different people are shouting instructions at you. Confusion!

Now I am using an electric oven and I researched on the Internet that if this is the case (especially if it’s the first time to use the electric oven in baking), about half way on the baking time, you should check if the cupcakes are already browning at the sides. Stick a toothpick in the center of the cupcakes and if it comes out clean then the cupcakes are done. My cupcakes are already cooked perfectly by 12 minutes.

My major mistake would be substituting the baking powder with baking soda. Later on I found out that baking soda is suppose to enhance the flavor while the baking powder will make the batter rise. No wonder my cupcakes are tiny. 😦 But the taste is superb and I didn’t burn the cupcakes – hoooray! So if you want an easy to make cupcake, try the recipe above and take care not to make the same mistake I did (use baking powder!). I’ll be posting the frosting recipe soon so stay tuned!

Have a sweet day! 😀

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